Dendrobates azureus

Try as I might, I can think of nothing interesting to say today.

Here, have a blue poison dart frog.

6 responses to “Dendrobates azureus

  1. I always had a fondness of frogs, especially poisonous blue ones. (Actually true. I love blue frogs. My siblings think me weird.)

  2. Hey man,

    I’ve been in the abyss researching the surveillance state, trying to understand what Jung’s “shadow” (not the golden one) means for me, and also trying to forget the late 60’s psycho-thriller Rosemary’s Baby that I watched last night. I’ve been reading through your posts, appreciate your insights. It’s cool when people leap from perspective to perspective. We are all trapped in some perspectival corner. Thanks for rounding out the room from which we gaze.
    Keep on!

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