“Restore the Fourth” Rally in Cleveland!


Yesterday I told you about the Restore the Fourth rally in Cleveland to protest the NSA’s massive and unconstitutional domestic spying program. It went forward as planned, and we had a successful event.

I’d estimate 40-50 people showed up, from Cleveland, Columbus, and all over Ohio. Young and old, men and women, conservative and liberal, we stood for the Fourth Amendment and our fundamental right to privacy.


(That’s my wife Betsy holding the RestoreTheFourth.net sign!)

We set up in Edgewater Park around 3:00. Cars driving by slowed down to read our signs, and I was gratified that so many honked in support. Curious people from around the park came over to talk about our message and get photos with us. The atmosphere was friendly, civil, and energetic.


Fortunately, the weather held out, and we only got a few drops of rain. Much cooler than it could’ve been for a July afternoon. The rally lasted about two and a half hours. Response from the public was almost universally positive.


That’s me on the left, and fellow blogger Ben Trube on the right, looking damn stylish in his Matrix shades.




A little light reading on the job.

Of course, this wasn’t just about Cleveland. Similar protests were going on all over the country, with hundreds gathering in New York City, D.C., Boston, and San Francisco. We got coverage from NBC, CNN, Fox News, BBC, Reuters, the Guardian, and CNET. We even got official recognition from the NSA (thanks for spreading the word!)

All in all, a good first step. But only the first step. We need to spread the word about what the government is doing. We need to demand respect for the rule of law and the Fourth Amendment. Talk to your friends, write to your representatives, and go to RestoreTheFourth.net for more information.

Also, I added a permanent tab at the top called “NSA Domestic Surveillance.” It gives a simple, straightforward breakdown of what’s happening, why you should care, and how we can turn it around.

This country belongs to the people. Let’s keep it that way!


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    BTW, what’s with the belt???

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    From Brian D. Buckley. I am glad somebody is paying attention

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