My Latest Obsession: Back to the AI

As I’ve recently explained, I move from one obsession to the next like a little girl trying to pick her favorite pony. How can I decide? They’re all so pretty!

Most recently it was astronomy. Now it’s artificial intelligence – again.

My illness makes it difficult to do many things, including AI work, but I’ve had a few days of blessed relief lately that have allowed me to plunge back in full throttle. I found my old notebook and a little of my old code, and I’ve been swishing it all around in my head, trying out new ideas, picking up the pieces and seeing what fits together – hunting for that one mystical configuration that will make it all make sense.

Sadly, this latest obsession has taken hold right as my computer gave up the ghost. I’m typing this from our other computer in the family room, hunched over on the floor. My back and my hands hurt a little from the strained position.

But my work is mostly theoretical now anyway, so that’s not such a big setback. I am filling up more notebook pages than code files at the moment.

My big question right now is: what data structures are required to recognize patterns, and how do those structures interact with each other?

Ah, well. Enough awkward typing. Back to the work! *scribble, scribble*

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