Not Dead, Just Boring

I’ve got nothing.

Anyone have any questions for me? I’ll be happy to answer.

11 responses to “Not Dead, Just Boring

  1. Where do you think the next big break in A.I. research will come from?

    • You might as well ask where the *first* big break in A.I. research will come from. 🙂 I think we’re still waiting. Most A.I. research now is hyperspecialized, focusing on small sub-problems and ignoring the big picture of Strong A.I., because that’s where the funding is. In my opinion, it’s going to take a much more ambitious, “moon shot” approach to make real progress. Google is good at moon shots and has been doing a lot of A.I. research (as well as quantum computing research), so they might be our best bet.

      • Aww but you underestimate the work that has been done so far. I say that the creation of the computer falls under: Major Research Break for AI, because without it there could be no AI. So things like the creation fo the computer and the Turing Test, while they seem small may lead to AI in small steps. I do agree Google might be where it is at though.

  2. If you could only ever speak words derived from a language used in the Middle Ages, e.g. Latin, Old Norse, Middle English, which root language would you pick?

  3. If you were to pick any other place in the world to reside today….where and why? Note, your financial circumstances won’t change….so no penthouse Manhattan.

  4. What is the meaning of life? (Someone had to ask this!)

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