New Computer!

*does the new computer happy dance*

Yes, it’s true, the old PC has bitten the dust. It was working fine, and then it wasn’t. In my professional opinion as a computer programmer, it got effed up.

My new machine is an HP Pavilion with 8 gigs of RAM and a two-terabyte hard drive. It also has Windows 8.1, which is a bit of an adjustment, but not too bad.

And I got Diablo III yesterday, which is a very good time. Perfect way to break in a new computer.

So yeah, I’m off to kill some monsters. What’s on your plate this morning?

4 responses to “New Computer!

  1. D3 was pretty good. They made it a bit more interesting recently. Better than it ess. Who did you pick?

  2. Im surprised you don’t build your own computers. Cheaper, and you get a more powerful rig for the most part.

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