Life as Adventure

Do something unexpected today.

We are, all of us, getting older. But we are still briefly, blessedly alive. Today, break the shackles of convention and do something that frees your spirit.

I am being dramatic. But this is my blog, so I’m allowed. Be dramatic today.

They always tell you to dance like nobody’s watching. Maybe that’s exactly right. Or maybe you’ve done entirely too much dancing already, and today you want to be still. That’s all right, too. Do something unexpected today.

Go somewhere you’ve never gone. Be someone you’ve never been. If you’re waiting for a chance, this is it. If you’re not waiting for a chance, this is still it.

It is said: carpe diem, seize the day. But I say unto you: seize the hour, nay, the very moment. Supplies are limited, act now.

Venture forth and be free.

One response to “Life as Adventure

  1. Oy, did you pick the wrong day to suggest this!

    My change-adverse cats are due their flea medicine (which Una hates), so today is the one day of the month I have a positive reason not to do anything unusual. : )

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