Time to recover

Two weeks ago, I wrote: “Do something unexpected today.” That was the day I gave two weeks’ notice at my job. Yesterday was my last day.

The main reason was the depression, of course. Between the illness itself and the side effects from the medication, days at work were getting unbearable. I had to get out – and I’m extremely fortunate that Betsy is able to support me for a while until I recover. So I got out.

What now?

Besides “getting better,” I do have a lot of things planned. First on the list is math tutoring. I used to tutor calculus back in college, and I’d like to get back into it for a bit. My new site is:


What do you think?

I also plan to focus more on writing, reading, Rosetta Stone, exercise, and helping around the house. The doctors all say that structure is important when you’re depressed. I think now I have just the right amount.

And once I recover, what’s next?

You know, it’s hard to say. But I’m feeling good today.

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