Buckley the Editor Is Open for Business

why not

I’m opening my doors as a freelance copyeditor.

If you need someone to corral the commas on your 28th-century kitten overlord space empire novel, your semierotic time-traveling-fruit-vendor-meets-Cleopatra romance, your how-to guide for new owners of adamantium tarantulas, your short essay on why Donald Trump should be appointed U.S. Ambassador to Charon, or your blog post on the top 17 ways to use a rutabaga in self-defense…

Why not hire Brian D. Buckley, freelance copyeditor?

All the details are at: BuckleyEditor.com

Tell your friends! Tell your readers! Lies will be corroborated, bribes reimbursed!

I even have one of those Twitter things the cool kids are always talking about: @buckleyeditor

In all seriousness, I am looking for work in addition to what I’m doing for Pen-L. If you do need a copyeditor (or know someone who might), I think I can do a pretty damn good job. I do free sample edits if you’d like to see how I handle your words. And I guarantee I will always treat you and your work with respect and professionalism.

So anyone who would care to spread the word, or post a link to my editing site somewhere, it would be greatly appreciated.

That is all!

2 responses to “Buckley the Editor Is Open for Business

  1. Congratulations Bryan!
    Wishing you well in your new venture.

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