Wednesday Update

  • Editing – This morning I’m working on a sample edit for a prospective client. Thanks to everyone who spread the word about my freelance business.
  • Writing The Crane Girl – 42,000 words and counting on the first draft.
  • Painting the fence – Almost done! My right thumb is sore from holding the roller so long.
  • Bible reading – Still in Genesis, making progress. Betsy and I are up to Jacob now. I’ll do a Genesis post tomorrow if I have time – they seem to eat up a lot of it.
  • Watching Bob’s Burgers – Betsy is now successfully hooked. Mission accomplished. We’re in season 3.
  • American campaign finance system – Still horrifically broken.
  • Writing this blog post – Done!

4 responses to “Wednesday Update

  1. yay for bob’s burgers!!! I’m glad you’ve got er hooked. best news ever.

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