News on the Writing & Editing Front

  • Yesterday I met with the local Area Director for N2 Publishing. She manages a neighborhood magazine called Run Life (the “Run” is a reference to local geography – it’s not related to running). Looks like I’ve got some writing work, and the potential for editing work down the line. Excellent!
  • I’m continuing to do copyediting for business writing from Creative Sparks Writing (not sure if I’ve mentioned them before). Creative Sparks was recently the source of my first-ever editing paycheck, so they have a special place in my heart.
  • I’m also still copyediting for Pen-L Publishing, though I’m in between projects at the moment. So far I’ve edited three book-length manuscripts: a Western novel, a paranormal-romance-ish novel, and a memoir. Learned a lot from all three.
  • I’m taking the first of three EFA classes, branching out from pure copyediting into the wider, more nebulous realm of developmental editing. Gwahahaha, the power!! Ahem.
  • Still working on Crane Girl. The first-and-a-half draft of part one got very positive feedback from beta readers. Lots of good suggestions, too. At the moment I’m working on fleshing out the characters, making them stronger and more interesting. Also figuring out how to make one of the settings, a fantasy city, less Earth-like.
  • Still doing the Twitter thing.

As always, if you know any writers, it would mean so much to me if you wanted to let them know I’m available as a copyeditor, and point them toward my site. When you’re just starting out like this, every new client makes a huge difference. Thanks in advance!

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