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Saying I’m “not really into” sports is like saying Pope Francis is “not really into” strip clubs. But even I know the Super Bowl is this Sunday. And, like any good copy editor, I can find a way to focus on the nerdiest, least exciting detail of the whole affair.

Take a look at the logo for the 2014 Super Bowl:

sb 48

And then the logo for last year’s Super Bowl:

sb 49

And now, finally, this year’s:

sb 50

Notice anything different?

They switched from roman numerals to arabic (a.k.a. “normal”) numbers. Now why would they do a thing like that?

I haven’t researched this much at all, but I can take a wild guess. The roman numeral for 50 is “L.” So they would’ve ended up with SUPER BOWL L. How do you pronounce that? Super Bowllllll.

I suspect something similar may happen with the Final Fantasy series. They do the roman numeral thing too, and they’re somewhere around Final Fantasy XV at the moment. But sooner or later, they either have to switch gears, or else try to market a game called Final Fantasy XXX to preteens.

Isn’t language fun?

2 responses to “Go to L

  1. I saw someone get all het up about this, saying something along the lines of “Why isn’t it Super Bowl XXXXX? Do they think Americans are too stupid to know how to use Roman Numerals now?”

    Well. Um. PERHAPS.

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