Buckley’s Romance Novel!

You may recall that last Halloween, the sedulous Benjamin Trube challenged me to write a romance novel for NaNoWriMo – 50,000 words, finished by November 30. If I managed it, he would personally record an audio book of whatever I had written.

Well, I didn’t make November 30, and we ended up dropping the word requirement to 25K. But I did, in the end, cross the finish line.

A few weeks ago I handed Mr. Trube a copy of my “romance” “novel.”

“Novel” is in quotes because 25K words is pretty damn short for a novel. And “romance” is in quotes because the book is pretty damn ridiculous, as you might guess from the title:¬†The Desirable Man Who Entered a Relationship with the Heroine Despite Occasional Setbacks Described Herein.

I took the liberty of mocking up some covers.

1 cover front 2 cover back

Direct image links: front cover, back cover.

Early reader feedback has been positive and incredulous. It’s not publicly available yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

6 responses to “Buckley’s Romance Novel!

  1. Worth it just for the back cover!

  2. The best part of this post is definitely the J.K. Rowling quote. I spent a good minute laughing when I read that one.

  3. 10/10, will purchase sequel. for real money.

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