Friday Links

One of my favorite music videos of all time is a fan-made Avatar: The Last Airbender video, set to the song “Remember the Name,” created by a YouTube user called ravenhpltc242. Besides being fun to watch, it’s also very well-made in a technical sense – the action beats match the musical beats, the special effects are slick, and so on. It appeals to the 10-year-old boy in me (that’s a good thing). I’ve watched it over a dozen times.

Naturally, I had to do a Buffy version.

Essentially, I took the same music, the same concept, the same design, and most of the same timing, but used Buffy clips, images, and audio instead. So it’s heavily modeled on the Avatar video. But don’t get me wrong, it was still a ton of work. In many ways, working off another video is easier than doing it from scratch, but in some ways it’s even harder.

So here it is: Buffy- Remember the Name.

Yes, I’m an übergeek. We can all agree on that.

Oh, also, here’s this cool thing and this funny thing.

Have an übergeeky weekend!

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