Q&A with the So-Called Writer of this Blog



Hey are you awake

sort of

How come you’re all groggy and droopy and such

can’t talk must edit

Yeah ’cause you seem like your English skills are pretty awesome right now


What are you editing anyway

about 800 million powerpoint slides



Okay so what else

betsy’s family came to visit for easter

Was your 18-month-old niece adorable and did you eat way too much chocolate


What is that kid’s vocabulary like

p sweet, she knows about 20 words now, i wrote them down do u want to hear them


uh-oh mommy elmo okay milk bubbles daddy dog-dog juice sock buh-bye hi baby ball mine binky please thank you book stuck

That’s pretty rad


Are you still planning to go to Boston at the end of April


Any other social interaction

mr trube will be visiting this weekend and we might watch avatar

Did you find an amazing new webcomic that you can’t tell us about yet because it’s Friday Links not Thursday Links


What do you think about people who mix up hyphens with en dashes


Whatcha been reading

time travelers guide to elizabethan england, paradise lost (again), joan of arc

Do you feel that people who underrate the value of science perhaps do not properly appreciate how much more horrifying the past was


What’s the deal with Joan of Arc anyway?


What about that thing with the bird and Bernie Sanders, what’s up with that

bernie = radagast

Okay well I won’t take up any more of your time but your English really is outstanding


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