The Case Against Donald J. Trump


For a lot of people, it feels very clear that Trump shouldn’t be president, but it might be hard to explain exactly why. He’s said so many outrageous things, and changed his positions so many times, that it’s easy to just start tuning him out.

Ordinarily, I’d agree that tuning him out is an excellent idea. But not right now – not when there’s a real chance he could become leader of the United States. It’s important to know why we’re opposing him – partly to be sure we’re making the right decision, and partly so that when other people ask, we can tell them.

Enter the Trump Sheet.

I’ve poured almost a dozen hours of research and writing and rewriting into this document for the past week or so. I tried to connect the dots between what Trump has proposed and the implications for our country, as clearly and simply as I could. I can’t claim that I was unbiased – I don’t think anyone can promise that – but I’ve tried to keep a level head and not let my (strong) emotions carry me away.

You can read my case at the link above, or by clicking the permanent “Trump Sheet” tab at the top of the site.

“What about Hillary Clinton?” you may ask. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t formulated my thoughts on her yet. I need to do more research. I would like to do a similar sheet summarizing what I discover about Hillary, but it depends how much time I have. We’ll see.

In the meantime, enjoy the Trump Sheet. Hope it helps.

2 responses to “The Case Against Donald J. Trump

  1. I have yet to peruse the sheet. I will, but I thought I would provide my initial opinion of both candidates. I am not fond of Trump, nor of Hilary. I strongly dislike both, however my opinion as a civilian employee is actually that Hillary is worse than trump. Shocking! I have my reasons, and obviously I won’t be voting for either of them. I think it comes down to whethee one prefers misogyny, racism and incitement to corruption, deceitfulness and incompetence. I don’t know how bad Trump will be, but I know how bad Hilary has been. God help us either way.

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