“What can I do?” Here’s what.

Millions of Americans are concerned (or worse) about the upcoming Trump presidency, but don’t know how they personally can help. What can we, as citizens, do to make sure our country stays safe, sane, tolerant, and free?

The answer is, a lot. After thinking this over for several weeks, I’ve put together a detailed guide. Please check it out. And because I think this is fairly important, I’ve added a permanent link in the website header as well, and I’ve made it a permanent “page” rather than just another blog post.

Now, I’ve given you the link (two links, in fact) and encouraged you to click. Theoretically, my work here is done.

The problem is that I’ve learned, from personal and professional experience, that people are reluctant to click links. If the information is right there in the article, they’ll scroll down and read, but if they have to click a link, readership declines dramatically. It’s some kind of psychological hurdle. I do the same thing myself, when I’m reading.

So how do I entice you to actually click?

Let’s try this:

George Takei + button

Now if you’re thinking that I’m exploiting the celebrity of a venerable man for my own petty purposes, well, you’re right. But somehow I don’t think he would mind very much.

Seriously though. Push the button.

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