I made another Buffy video

It’s a music video, as the last two were. This time I used “Amazing Grace.” Might seem like a strange choice for a show like Buffy, but it seemed to fit.

I made the last two videos (based on the songs “Thrift Shop” and “Remember the Name”) with Windows Movie Maker, the free and decidedly low-end video editor that comes with Windows. It’s a surprisingly robust program, especially given the price tag, but it’s buggy. In particular, it crashes a lot when the videos start to get longer.

Last year, Betsy’s birthday gift to me was a (hopefully) better video editor: CyberLink PowerDirector 14, which cost $75. It wasn’t until this latest project, this week, that I finally got around to trying it.

It does have a lot of features, and a clean interface. It would be much better than Movie Maker — if it worked. But, like Movie Maker, it has a plethora of glitches. I literally spent almost as much time troubleshooting as I did actually making the video. So the search for good software continues.

Anyway, here’s the video I made:

You can find my other Buffy works, video and otherwise, right here: https://buckleycreations.com/buffy/

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