March for Science — April 22

No Federalist Capers this month, partly because I’ve been extra busy, and partly because I don’t have much wisdom to impart about recent Trump developments. Incompetence, hypocrisy, childishness, self-serving rhetoric, nepotism, lack of transparency, questions about Russia, and a complete disconnect from reality — I’ve talked about most of that already, and it’s all still there, essentially to the same degree. Only the details have changed.

But I do want to draw your attention to the March for Science on April 22 (Earth Day).

What is the March for Science?

Lots of people who love science and support scientific thinking will be marching in a peaceful and positive demonstration on April 22.

I assume they have a website and such.


Twitter: @ScienceMarchDC (currently 343K followers)

Where is this happening?

The big one’s in Washington D.C., but there are satellite marches across the United States.

Who’s involved?

A lot of people. Bill Nye will be at the D.C. event, and the Planetary Society (of which he is the CEO) is an official partner. Other official partners include the Society for Neuroscience, the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and so, so many others.

Incidentally, one of the partners — the MIT Press — will soon be publishing a book for which I was the copyeditor. Aww yeah!

Where do I sign up?

RSVP here.

I can’t go. Is there a way to attend virtually?

Yep! I’m in the same boat myself. Just hit the RSVP link above, choose D.C., and check the box to attend virtually. You get a livestream video of the event, and you can send them signs and other stuff that they will display in some manner.

Are there T-shirts and mugs? Can I donate?

Yes and yes. Here’s the store and here’s the donation page.

Shouldn’t scientists just stay out of politics?

Science is our most reliable method for learning about reality, and politics is one of our best tools for shaping reality. They are inherently linked, and that’s a good thing. I discuss this in more detail here.

Is the March for Science anti-Trump?

The March is pro-science, and it pushes back against actions and messages that are anti-science. Since Trump is the most anti-science U.S. president in modern history (perhaps in all history), yes, the March is largely about defending science from these unprecedented attacks.

It’s sort of like, if you and your community spend lots of time and money and effort building this shelter where people can go to be safe and get an education, and then some dude comes along and tries to set the building on fire, are you anti- that guy? I mean … kinda? Like, I don’t hate you, but maybe don’t try to set it on fire please?

Where was that RSVP link again?

Right here!

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