I just started watching Teen Titans

Yes, the kids’ cartoon from 2003. And no, not because I have a kid now.

I’m a few episodes in. It’s dumb in some ways but brilliant in others, so I may keep watching. We’ll see.

I’m concerned about the theme song, though. It seems … poorly researched. Un-fact-checked.

Take this line, for instance:

With their superpowers they unite

But the leader of the team doesn’t have superpowers.

From their tower they can see it all

In the very first episode they get kicked out of their tower by an attack they didn’t see coming.

Never met a villain that they liked

The team meeting a villain they like is literally the premise of the second episode.

I just … I don’t even know who I can trust anymore.

2 responses to “I just started watching Teen Titans

  1. Donald Trump. He is the most trustworthy. Like totally trustworthy. Best trust. You can believe it.

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