Crane Girl first draft — COMPLETE!

Finished less than an hour ago. Total page count: 310. Total word count: 127,000.

That’s 127,000 exactly, which is kinda weird. Especially since 27 is my lucky number (as far as I believe in such things) and 127 is part of “bbd127,” the standard username I use for lots of my website accounts. (Okay, confession: It was 126,999, and I couldn’t let that stand. I just had to add another word. But even so, that’s still pretty weird, right?)

Still lots of work to do, even before I start the Big Revision. I need to sit down and read through all the new stuff I’ve written since Part I (i.e., Parts II, III, and IV). That’s 77,311 words right there. And I’ve gotta do some touching up, a little clarifying and cleaning, before it goes to my beta readers — the goal for that is still May 20.

But the draft is done, and I’m pretty happy with it.

Actually, I’m very happy with it. This took a long damn time, and it feels good to cross the finish line at last.

4 responses to “Crane Girl first draft — COMPLETE!

  1. Major congrats! Can’t wait!

  2. Congratulations!

    “It was 126,999, and I couldn’t let that stand. I just had to add another word.”

    I’ll bet it was an adverb. You know, the beta readers are going to tell you to take that out. 🙂

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