Something lost in translation, maybe?

I just finished reading the biblical book of Isaiah for the first time, as part of my extremely-slow-but-not-quite-dead Great Bible Read. Isaiah’s a remarkably complicated book, and I may write about my thoughts in more depth if I ever get time.

I’ve gotta mention one thing, though. In Isaiah 60:17 (NRSV), God is quoted as saying:

Instead of bronze I will bring gold,
instead of iron I will bring silver;
instead of wood, bronze,
instead of stones, iron.

So, just to clarify, for planning purposes: gold & silver yes, wood & stones no. Bronze & iron … (Rereads verse.) Bronze & iron …

5 responses to “Something lost in translation, maybe?

  1. I read that as a one-step uplift for everyone: whatever a person usually receives from life JHVH will do one better.

  2. correct interpretation: God is an alchemist on the side.

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