Fragmented brain

I keep wanting to post something longer and more substantive, but things keep getting in the way. Sometimes I’m busy with work, sometimes with Evan, sometimes (as in the past few days) being sick. And beyond that, my brain feels lately like it’s all over the place. Not sure if I’m more fractured than normal, or just noticing it more, but here are some of the fragments that have been rattling around my skull lately:

  • Last night, after finishing Isaiah, I read Lamentations (it’s short — just five chapters). It’s about the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple circa 2,500 years ago. Very sad reading, especially because it uses very specific images of suffering. I think that being a parent makes a lot of those images more real.
  • I’ve been learning more about and how to use plugins, which is interesting. I’m constantly struck by how everything in the world — things I’ve barely thought about, or never even heard of — has its own little universe inside, with its own rules, philosophies, arguments, misconceptions, villains, and heroes.
  • Evan can now say yellow (“veh-woh”), blue (“bvooh”), purple (“puh-puh”), and green (“hee”) to mean those specific colors, with surprising consistency. It’s so cool.
  • The Frozen song “Let It Go” is infamous among parents, but I actually love it (especially with the video). We showed it to Evan recently, and he was enthralled. I keep admiring the animation, the music, the singing, the writing, the specific word choices, and the way the scene operates in the overall story. My brain keeps analyzing it, breaking it down into pieces and seeing how they fit together. I know how absurd that sounds, and I would say that I’m sorry or embarrassed, except that both of those would be lies.
  • My brain does anagrams constantly now. It’s almost subconscious — anything I see, I start rearranging letters. Elsa = sale. Turing = I grunt. Delsym (a cough medicine) = my sled. I think I’m going crazy. Loco = cool.
  • Betsy just returned from a business trip, and it’s good to have her back. (Betsy = bytes.)
  • In the span of a single month, I did work for both MIT Press and McGraw-Hill. I am feeling like a bona fide Real Editor.
  • I’ve been making a big push to work on Crane Girl for at least 30 minutes a day, even on weekends and holidays, even when I’m sick. Right now I’m on a 13-day streak, which is cool. One good side effect of working on a project regularly is that it starts to seep into your subconscious, and you find yourself thinking about it even when you’re not “supposed” to be.
  • Etc., etc.

All done.

4 responses to “Fragmented brain

  1. I’m stuck on the portmanteau. I can’t stop mashing words together. There is a particular individual in our sphere of work who is named Matt, he is also somewhat evil. He is now… VoldeMatt. We have two friends named Colleen and Julie, they are now.. Collulie. You get the idea.

  2. I think you should see a doctor. The Frozen movie and the “Let It Go” song are terrible…there must be something wrong with you to think otherwise….

    let it go = ego tilt

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