The reason for my silence

[A peaceful image of trees and mountains.]

Not empty of heart
nor empty of time to type
but only of words.

2 responses to “The reason for my silence

  1. Whats your stance on spaces after a period? Should there be 1 or 2, and why?

    • One space after a period is now the near-universal standard in publishing. Almost anyone who uses two spaces is following an outdated rule. If you send anything with two spaces to be professionally published, it will be someone’s job to delete all the extra spaces.

      From what I understand, the two-space rule dates back to the pre-digital age, when the extra space made the text easier to read. But now, spaces can be adjusted digitally as needed, by a typesetting program or whatever (I don’t have much experience with that phase of the publishing process).

      Good question!

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