Flash Fiction: “System.Log”

“Not this again!” you cry. “Every time Buckley gets inspired with some new story, he feels compelled to post it here, and I feel compelled to read it, and uuuUUGGGHHHhh another ten minutes of my life wasted!”

First of all, hypothetical reader: wasted? Really? That’s harsh, man. Harsh.

Second, you don’t have to read it. I mean, sure, if nobody reads it, I’ll whimper myself to sleep, curled up next to the comforting warmth of the hot water heater in the basement, my only true friend in the world. But don’t feel obligated, is what I’m saying.

And finally: this story won’t waste ten minutes of your life, because it’s super short. It’ll only waste, like, one minute of your life.

Chuck Wendig’s challenge this week is to write a story about revenge – but in a mere 100 words, instead of 1,000. Heck, I’m over 100 words already in this introduction, that’s how short 100 words is. That said, I should probably get to it.

Here’s the story:


PC.Print(“Listen, Chelsea, I’m totally over the divorce. And the cheating.”);


PC.Print(“I’m thrilled you get to keep the G12 GadgeTech Programmable House I spent three years building for you.”);


PC.Print(“I know you love your espresso maker, your ferret Aristophanes, and your $28K collection of Lawrence Welk dinner plates.”);


PC.Print(“So why separate the things you love?”);


PC.Print(“P.S. ‘IHATEJUSTIN’ works as a Facebook status. As a network password, not so much.”);



12 responses to “Flash Fiction: “System.Log”

  1. Number 1: Reading your stories is NEVER time wasted. You know, not that I’m all stalkery or anything. *shuffles foot*

    Number 2: Great story. You got an awful lot of revenge into those 100 words.

  2. I had to go back and read it again before I fully understood it, but once I did, I giggled out loud. I can almost see it as a screen capture on a fail.blog!

  3. Oh the Lulz

    Great entry man, I adore the creativity.

    And by the way I’m still waiting for my free puppy.

  4. So original, and it made me clap with glee. I love how the soundtrack to destruction isn’t classical music. It’s Richard Simmons.

  5. This is brilliant. My favorite entry so far for this challenge.

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