Celebrating Three Years

Three years ago yesterday, I hit Publish on this blog for the first time. This was my very first post.

Where has the past year taken us?

We examined how too much precision kills communication. I gave you 17 ideas for your 3D printer. I bought a unicycle and delved into group isomorphism (whatever the hell that is). Still working on that unicycle, by the way – I brought it out of the garage again just a week ago, after months of neglect.

We asked whether luxury is morally wrong and delved into the Voynich Manuscript. I interviewed friend of the blog Ben Trube about his fractal book. You endured my two-sentence terrors with good grace. I waxed lyrical on Dr. Who and Avatar: The Last Airbender. For the latter, I made fan art and even a music video.

I joined a zen community, self-published a book of poems called “The Witching Hour,” and explored my relationship with Christianity in a two-part post (one, two). We briefly visited Siberia, and Iceland too; apparently I have a thing for the frozen north. And we talked about free will in The Lego Movie.

The NSA revelations broke, and I explored what it means to crusade for a cause. We rallied.

I posted photos of Ohio Caverns, my mom’s art show, old jack-o’-lanterns, and South Dakota.

I took a hiatus due to illness, but I’m back.

I reviewed all the things, wrote all the stories, and posted all the poems.

It’s been a good year. A difficult year, but a good year.

As always, thank you for reading. You make this blog worthwhile. Without you, I’d just be rambling into space.

Here’s to three more years (at least). Excelsior!

6 responses to “Celebrating Three Years

  1. Congratulations! Here’s to three more years, and more.

  2. Congrats man! Leaving this comment via a Zorin-Lite live CD which is probably going to be my replacement for XP on my old desktop after the XPocalypse. Completely unrelated to your post. I just needed to geek out to someone.

  3. Yay! and may 3 more years come . . .

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